Floral Hand Carved Wooden Hanging Hearts (Set of 2)

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Color: White
LBH (Inches): 6.6 x 5.8 x 0.3 Inches
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Q Bazaar brings this set of hanging hearts with a carving of floral pattern. This product has been handmade and is free from any interference of a powered machine. Although, the advent of industrialization has brought about new mechanized techniques, artisans from North India prefer to stick to the basics, working with rudimentary, hand-held tools like sharp chisels, hammers, cutters and simple lathes to showcase their superior craftsmanship that is hard to replicate

Color :White

Production Method :Hand Carved

Material Description :Wood

Size(L x B x H) :6.6 x 5.8 x 0.3 Inches

Weight :140 grams

Care Description :Wipe with a soft, dry cloth

Disclaimer :Every handmade product is unique. Minor variations in pattern, color and appearance are a part of the handmade charm | This offering has been made from wood and touts a rustic aesthetic. Irregularities in color and grain structure are part of the handmade charm. These attributes lend a unique flavor to the offering, making it exclusive

Pack Contents :Set of 2 Hanging Hearts